Voice Recording

Flowericious provides a unique feature that allows our customer to record voice messages and make it into a card and send it to their loved ones.

The voice recording features can be made by recording a 10 sec voice message via Flowericious website or using your own voice recording methods.

Any voice message longer than 10 sec will be cut short to the first 10 sec recording only. Any futher messages will be deleted.

Customer must upload the recorded file (Max 10 sec) and select "YES" at the point of flower selection to enable this service. Customer must ensure that the file is uploaded during check out session.

Customer must make sure that the recorded file is fully functioning and clear before uploading. Flowericious will not be liable for any un-clear messages.

Flowericious has the right to reject any voice message that violates any law and regulation set by Malaysia Government.

Flowericious will not be liable for any unforeseen circumstances or events ocurred due to the voice message recording.